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Opening hours Friday , saturday 11:00 -24:00

365 days a year

Phone: 22 42 53 11


Our Menu


01.Vegetable Samosa (gluten)Kr 85.00

Pastry stuffed with spiced vegetables.

02.Garlic JhingaKr 99.00

Garlic marinated scampi roasted and fruits.

03.Onion BhajiKr 85.00

Onion fritters sauteed with gram flour & spices.

04.Dal Shoraba (soup)Kr 85.00

Spiced lentil soup with coriander.

05.Garlic Chicken TikkaKr 99.00

Roasted garlic chicken with fruits.

06.Biff TikkaKr 109.00

Roasted biff marinated with ginger, garlic & spices.

07.Gol GappeKr 99.00

Special Indian Pannipuri with potato , chic peas and spiced tamarind water


11.Chicken TikkaKr 225.00

Boneless chicken marinated with spices.

12. Lam TikkaKr 239.00

Boneless lamb marinated with spices.

13. Garlic ChickenKr 235.00

Boneless chicken with garlic, fresh coriander and spices.

15. Biff TikkaKr 249.00

Roasted biff marinated with ginger, garlic and spices.

16. Tandoori Garlic ScampiKr 239.00

Garlic marinated scampi roasted and spices.

17. Super Mixed GrillKr 269.00

Chicken, lamb and scampi.

Chicken Curries

20. Mango ChickenKr 249.00

Chicken with Indian curry and mango.

21. Patiala Shahi Murgh KormaKr 239.00

Grilled chicken, curry sauce, cream, coconut, raisins, cashew nuts.

22. Chicken Tikka MasalaKr 225.00

Grilled chicken with curry, bell pepper, cashew nuts, cream.

23. Punjabi Dhaba ChickenKr 229.00

Grilled chicken with red onion, bell pepper, pineapple, cream.

24. Garlic Chicken MasalaKr 239.00

Chicken with curry, cream and red wine.

25. Palak Murgh ( Spinach Chicken)Kr 219.00

Spinach with Indian curry, chicken, butter, cream and spices.

26.Butter ChickenKr 239.00

Grilled chicken, cream, tomato sauce and butter.

Lamb Curries

30. Rogn JoshKr 235.00

Lamb with Indian curry and spices..

31. Lam kormaKr 239.00

Lamb, curry sauce, raisins, cashew nuts, cream & coconut.

32. Lam Tikka MasalaKr 229.00

Roasted lamb with cream, masalasauce, cashew nuts.

33. Maharaja Kali Mirchi GoshtKr 239.00

Roasted lamb with cream, black pepper, curry and red wine.

34. Palak Gosht (Lamb Spinach)Kr 225.00

Spinach, lamb with cream, butter, curry and spices.

35. Mango LambKr 249.00

Grilled lamb with special mango sauce, fresh coriander.

Scampi, Beef & Biryani

42. Garlic Jhinga MasalaKr 235.00

Garlic scampi with curry, cream & coriander.

43. Mango Jhinga MasalaKr 249.00

Mango, scampi with masalasauce, cream and spices.

46. Jaipur Special BiffKr 249.00

Roasted biff with cream, masalasauce & red wine.

47. Garlic Biff MasalaKr 249.00

Roasted biff with cream, masalasauce, garlic & orange.

49.Biryani with raitaKr 239.00

Choice free biryani with raita (Chicken ,Lam ,Scampi & vegitables)

Children Menu

Children DishKr 149.00

Grilled chicken with french frites & ice-cream

Vegetable Dishes

50. Dal MakhniKr 179.00

Lentils with curry, cream, butter & spices.

51. Kabuali Chana MasalaKr 175.00

Chick peas with masalasauce, cream, spices.

52. Malai KoftaKr 199.00

Vegetable balls with cheese, curry, coconut, raisins & cream.

53. Navrattan KormaKr 199.00

Vegetables with curry, cottage cheese, raisins, cashew nuts, coconut, cream.

54. Palak PaneerKr 195.00

Spinach with curry, cottage cheese, butter, cream & spices.

55. Panjabi Shahi paneerKr 195.00

Homemade cheese with raisins, cashew nuts, coconut & cream.

56. Jaipur Sabzi (Veg)Kr 189.00

Fresh vegetables with curry & fresh coriander.

57. Jaipur Paneer MasalaKr 219.00

Homemade cheese with curry sauce, red onion, bell pepper, pineapple, cream and coriander.


60. Plain NanKr 39.00

Milk, Sesame

61. Garlic NanKr 49.00


62. PeshawariKr 69.00

Raisins, cashew nuts, coconut, almonds, milk.

63. Cheese NanKr 59.00

Homemade cheese with spices, milk, coriander & onion.

64. RotiKr 35.00

Without Egg

65. Gluten Free NanKr 45,-/55,-

Plain/Garlic (Without Egg)


66. Punjabi Raita (Dip)Kr 39.00

Cucumber, coriander, curd & spices.

Dessert / Sweet Dishes

70. Malai AamKr 95.00

Mango pudding with honey, vanilla ice and fresh fruits.

71. Apple cake (gluten)Kr 89.00

Apple cake with ice cream and fresh fruits.

72. Gulab Jamun (gluten)Kr 95.00

Traditional indian dessert with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruits.

73. KulfiKr 95.00

Indian ice cream with fresh fruits incl. water chest nut, flour, milk and pistachio nuts.

74. Mixed Ice Cream & Fresh FruitsKr 89.00

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry.

77. Fruit SorbetKr 89.00

Without melk

79. Brownie with ice creamKr 89.00

Brownie with ice cream.


Draft beer Heineken